Welcome to The Mariah Carey Wikia! This wiki is all about the Songbird Supreme, Queen of Christmas and Diva, Mariah Carey! The project started by MrSirDaisy246 on August 16th, 2016. Seeing the other Mariah wiki is very undedicated and looks very plain and sloppy. I feel like Lambs should have the unanimous amount of adding any info they wish and that's true about Ms. Carey herself.

The Mariah Carey Wikia is a further explanatory things of the artist thoroughly with some trivia, facts, tid bits, and other little trinkets and what not dahhhling! The Citizens of The World can come and help out! Out here, be Dedicated and just be hot tamale. The Lambs can come here and any infomation they feel like is important here. I'm wishing that we all come together and put in the little trinkets and what not on this wiki and make this place a home of dedication to the lambily!

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